Maui prison guard recovering from October inmate attack

Published 01-27-2019

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WAILUKU, Hawaii (AP) - A Maui jail guard is still recuperating from head and facial injuries three months after being kicked and punched by an inmate.

The Maui News reports a 22-year-old inmate kicked and punched the guard, Bert Sam Fong, 10 to 15 times at the Wailuku jail on Oct. 27.

The assault occurred when Sam Fong called the inmate into a secure entryway to tell him about the jail's policy regarding pencils and how they need to be returned. State Department of Public Safety documents show the inmate disagreed and became agitated.

Most of the blows to the 74-year-old guard were from moderate and indirect kicks.

Sam Fong declined comment. Public Safety spokeswoman Toni Schwartz acknowledged the attack but declined to identify the guard. She says a criminal charge is pending.

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